Individual Therapy

For children under the age of nine I use play therapy. It is an evidence-based practice used to help children communicate their emotions through play. For older children I use activity therapy where we often play games and discuss life issues. This age group expresses themselves easier when occupied with a task. Older adolescents teens often prefer just to sit and talk and I use a number of different evidence-based therapies to help them express themselves and understand how their own distorted thinking can get in the way of their own happiness. I use person-centered questions and validation to help them to be able to grow while sharing their experience of life.

For adults I use these evidence-based tools to help them understand life issues and how emotions, thoughts and behaviors can block us from being our best selves. We can dive deep into the history and process painful emotions, use cognitive therapies to find quick relief or a combination of the two. Growth is a personal process and I encourage all of my clients to be the guide for our work. I believe that each person is the expert on themselves and I am a guide helping faster growth and insight.

Family therapy

Using a systems approach I work with families to resolve unhealthy patterns and interactions. Families are an interactive unit and each member has a role and affect on the other members of the unit. Family systems theory posits that benefits can be seen by working with one or all members of the family because even if only one member of the family changes, there must be some resultant shift in the entire unit.